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Should Georgia’s Helmet Law Be Changed?

The basic rule of thumb when riding a bike, or motorcycle, is to wear a helmet. This has been the standard for years, and in fact, many states require bikers to wear a helmet.

Recently, one of our Facebook group members explained to me that this law should be changed in Georgia?
But, why should this rule change?

He argues that the government essentially require bikers to wear a helmet but should instead enforce mandatory coverage laws and allow motorcyclists to make their own decision.

I realized that this was a fair argument, and I decided to create a video asking the question, "Should Georgia's Helmet Law Be Changed?"

On one side of the spectrum, I am a complete proponent of the ideology that the government shouldn't tell people how to live.

But, on the contrary, the government already enforces mandatory seat belt laws for motorists. Therefore, changing the helmet law would appear to be a legal double standard.

To learn more about my stance on this issue, check out the video and be sure to leave your comments and suggestions below.