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Streets Safer Than Highways–Myth?

It's been a while since I demystified my last motorcycle myth, but I interestingly came across another myth that has spooked many motorcycle riders in previous years.

This myth is that many bikers believe that streets are safer than highways.

However, in this video, I will explain why this is not exactly the truth.

As a biker, I understand that motorcyclists are keen on staying safe while on the road.

Though abiding by this myth is pretty silly, and I will tell you why in this video.

According to a recent study, 91% of motorcycle accidents occurred on backroads, which is contrary to popular belief that highways are more dangerous than streets.

This would also mean that taking some streets is statistically unsafe, versus traveling on a highway.

As you will find out in my video, there are various reasons why streets are not safer than highways.

Watch here to learn more.