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Supreme Court Stands Up For Motorcycle Rights!

Riding motorcycles may just be a pastime for others, but this activity is truly a way of life for many Americans.

However, it hasn't always been easy securing basic rights for motorcycle riders. In fact, there is rarely any progressive legislation passed on motorcycle rights, if any so far.

Recently, the Supreme Court initiated a massive breakthrough in motorcycle rights. In this video, we want to shed more light on this news to familiarize you with your basic rights as a motorcyclist.

You will find out that while motorcycles are permitted road vehicles, these vehicles and their riders were not entitled to the same rights as individuals with traditional cars and trucks.

We definitely want to inform you of how the Supreme Court's decision can affect your 4th Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

Also, we want to give you some critical information on how you can proceed if these rights are infringed upon by any individual or government entity.