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Which Insurance Company Is Best and How Much Coverage To Get On Your Motorcycle

Most bikers ask these two questions: what is the best motorcycle coverage? How much do I need?

To address the first question, any motorcycle coverage is great coverage.

Factors that you can compare to help you make a decision may be how their customer service agents treat you, how attentive they are to you, etc.

However, when it comes to filing a claim, most companies act in the same manner.

There is no insurance that is better than the other, but the amount does make a difference!

So, when wondering how much motorcycle coverage you actually need, remember this:

Try to shoot for at least $100,000 and ADD ON UM COVERAGE.

Plus, you should seriously consider adding on at least $10,000 in med pay coverage as well.

This will help cover any out of pocket medical bills that usually accrue after a critical accident.