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Atlanta Night Market

Atlanta Night Market

Atlanta’s Night Market is set for September 9th and 10th this year in downtown Lawrenceville, and expectations are high – based on the brilliant and building success of prior years. The Atlanta International Night Market’s mission is to build greater inclusivity by supporting multicultural festivities and educational events that bolster diversity and strong connections – with a heavy dash of fun and excitement. 


The Backstory

The Night Market began in 2016 when a group of friends from diverse but universally underrepresented communities came together with the goal of cultivating more profound cultural understanding throughout greater Atlanta. The event is meant to be a tapestry of interwoven cultural arts, cuisine, and education. 

The first Night Market drew 6,000 visitors in one night, but the event has broadened its reach and now draws guests by the tens of thousands (with around 60,000 visitors last year). If you have experienced the exciting atmosphere of an open-air night market in East Asia, Southeast Asia, or in some large Chinatowns across the globe, you understand what the Atlanta International Night Market is all about – the energy and pop that only the night can bring. 

International Cuisine

The Atlanta metro area is home to more than 100 distinct international communities that all have their own uniquely delicious cuisine. At the International Atlanta Night Market, you’ll have the opportunity to sample many of these exotic flavors and tastes, including the street dishes of Asia, snacks with Caribbean flair, European pastries, North African delicacies, and much more. Further, vegetarians and vegans don’t have to worry about chasing down flavorful options for themselves because there is a vegan village just for you. 

Diverse Heritage

The Night Market’s focus is on sharing the stories, customs, and traditions that cultures pass down over the generations. While traditional foods can be a big part of this, cultural events and storytelling help to round out the experience. The better we understand the culture all around us, the better prepared we are to grow together, learn from one another, and enrich our individual lives and our communities at large – and the Night Market helps to make it a whole lot of fun. 


Whether it’s visual art, music, or dance, every culture puts its own stamp on its artistic offerings, and at the Night Market, every manner of art is on display. And whether it’s region-specific instruments, traditional dance performances, or culturally infused pop, you can find it on their stages. 


Night Markets Are Popular

Big cities tend to come alive at night, and Atlanta is no exception. Many cities are embracing the night market festival approach, and guests are exceptionally receptive. The idea is to allow inexpensive pop-up stalls – representing a cultural menagerie – to whip up what they do best and get a crack at a much larger audience than they normally might while immersing guests in the experience. Think of the Atlantic Night Market like a farmers’ market that’s ready for its closeup – dripping with twinkling lights, laden with delicious smells that waft through the night air, music and dance buzzing in the background, plentiful shopping venues beckoning, and much more.


If You Build it, They Will Come

Luxury Travel Advisor shares that one of the founders of Atlanta’s Night Market sees the endeavor as a platform for Atlanta’s diversity, and this founder goes on to share that when you have the food, culture, and music, you bring everyone together. The goal is to host the market four times every year, and your next opportunity is on September 10 and 11 in Lawrenceville.   


Protect Yourself in the Event of an Injury

When a lot of people get together, increased traffic is a natural consequence, and heavy traffic at night is often that much more dangerous. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured in a traffic accident – or any kind of accident – obtaining just compensation that fairly addresses your physical, financial, and emotional losses in their entirety is paramount. There are several basic kinds of losses that are addressed by the law. 

Property Damage

If the accident is a traffic accident, you’ll likely face property damage to your vehicle and its contents. 

Medical Costs

Your medical expenses will include your immediate medical needs but must also address any related long-term requirements, such as if you experience secondary healthcare concerns or face dangerous complications. 

Lost Income

The more serious your injuries are, the lengthier your recovery is likely to be, which generally means more substantial losses as they relate to your wages. If your ability to earn or to continue advancing your chosen career is affected, the damage is that much more serious.

Pain and Suffering

Your physical and emotional pain and suffering must also be taken into account, and the consequences can be considerable.  


An Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney Is on Your Side

It’s important to remember, however, that accidents can happen anywhere, even at fun events. If you suffer injuries, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out for the professional legal guidance of an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney if you are injured by the negligence of someone else.

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