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Car Accident Attorney in Decatur GA

Decatur, GA Car Accident Lawyers

Dedicated Car Accident Attorneys

Welcome to our Decatur, GA car accident page. We hope this page and the rest of our site will help answer questions you may have after a wreck and provide you with more information about our trial lawyers should you or a loved one need representation.

For More Answers To Your Car Accident Questions See Our Exclusive Motor Vehicle Accident Page Here.


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Why Hire Us For Your Decatur, GA Accident Case?

Obsessed With Client Service

Our Decatur car accident lawyers go beyond just relentless legal representation of accident victims in order to maximize each clients recovery of their damages. From day one of our representation, we also obsess over providing exceptional client service to each of our injury clients.

We focus on being a different kind of personal injury firm. Too often we hear of other lawyers in the industry that never return phone calls for weeks; do not provide frequent updates to their clients without having to request first from the client; do not completely explaining every aspect of the client’s injury case; do not handle all aspects of the case themselves and instead hand it off to a “case manager” to handle the majority of the case; and most importantly are not interested in helping the client with various practical issues that come up in the client’s life that are affected by their injuries.

Instead, we are dedicated to all aspects of our client’s life that are affected by the wreck:

  • We make sure someone is always able to answer your call or call you back immediately and if it is not one of our lawyers talking to you when you call we make sure that you hear from the lawyer within 24 hours; we make sure to always take the time to answer all questions you have during your case;
  • We make sure you are kept up to date on what is going on in your case at the time and what the strategy is going forward; and
  • Our trial lawyers always intimately involved in all aspects of your case until it is concluded through a favorable settlement or trial to a jury of your peers.

Results Driven Every Time

If you have been involved in a auto accident in Decatur, Georgia and are looking for the right lawyer to help you with your claim or case, you are no doubt interested in finding an attorney that can obtain the best result possible for case. This should ultimately be the goal of every injury lawyer, correct? Of course it should be.

Unfortunately, we have heard of many cases where it did not appear the lawyer involved was really that interested in obtaining the best result possible. Instead, we have heard of lawyers who have made their clients feel as if they were more focused on obtaining a quick settlement of their case in order to do as little work as possible so they could move on to the next case.

Our car wreck lawyers never do this. If we settle a case, we do so only if the client is sure he or she would rather settle than try the case to jury. Many “personal injury lawyers” do not actually try cases. You will not have that problem with us. We are ultimately trial lawyers who are not afraid to try each case we take if necessary to unlock the full value of a client’s accident case.

This does not mean that your case will end up being tried. We have found that preparing a case for trial from day one often times results in a much better settlement for our clients before trial. Of course, sometimes a case simply needs to be tried to a jury to obtain the full reimbursement of an injury victim’s damages.

How Can You Be Certain That We Are Different?

There are two ways:

  1. Review The Many National Awards and Honors Our Auto Accident Attorneys Have Received; and
  2. Review Examples Of Our Past Results in Car Wreck Cases.

Our National Awards and Recognition

Below is a list of just a few of the national awards and industry recognition our lawyers have been honored to receive over the years. You can view more of them to the right of this page or on our homepage:

  • Selection to Top Trial Lawyers in America,Million Dollar Advocates Forum;
  • Nominated as one of Top 100 Trial Lawyers;
  • Selected for Charter Membership to the Best Attorneys of America peer organization;
  • Selected to list of Lawyers of Distinction, Recognizing the Top 10% in the Nation; and
  • 2016 and 2017 Pick for Client Satisfaction Award by The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

Sample of Recent Results Obtain For Our Car Accident Injury Clients

Sample of our past results for clients who suffered serious injuries after an auto accident, include:

  • Pre-suit settlement of $1.2 Million for family of North Georgia man killed in head-on collision.
  • Husband and wife involved in serious head-on collision in which husband was killed and wife was severely injured. Our accident attorneys were able to turn what otherwise would have been a small recovery for our client into a $1.2 Million recovery when we relentlessly pursued all available insurance coverage and found $1 Million dollars of insurance coverage that both our client and the insurance company believed did not cover the wreck.
  • Recovery of $1.1 Million for client severely injured when work van turned in front of his motorcycle as he was heading home from work.

The above are just a few results we have been fortunate to recover for our accident injury clients. You can view more of our results here.

Our Experience In Decatur, GA Cases

We have practiced in DeKalb County for many years. Our Atlanta office is conveniently located along I-285 providing our clients in Decatur with easy access to our attorneys and our attorneys with easy access to the courthouse in downtown Decatur.

We also practice in all other counties in the metro-Atlanta area and throughout Georgia as the case may be. Of all the counties we litigate and try cases, DeKalb County is one of our favorites.

Part of this is due to the fact that injury victims have a much better opportunity to receive full compensation for all of their damages after an auto accident in DeKalb County than in many other counties in Georgia. In trying numerous cases to DeKalb County jurors and in monitoring how jurors in other accident cases return verdicts, we have seen how DeKalb County jurors in large part are much less conservative than jurors in other counties when it comes to awarding monetary damages to a plaintiff after a car wreck.

This bodes well for every injury victim in Decatur, GA with a case in DeKalb County. A fair shake is all anyone injured after an accident expects and desires. DeKalb County will provide you with just that.

Check Out Our Learning Center or Blogs

If you or a loved one are injured after a collision, we are sure you have many questions and concerns about what you are supposed to do and how a lawyer can help. Our attorneys have created this site first and foremost to help our community better understand what to do after an injury and more specifically how car accident claims and cases work. We try to provide answers to commonly asked questions through our article titled “Car Accident FAQ Answered.”

Check out our Learning Center page or Blog for updated articles of interest regarding accident claims and cases in Georgia. Below are a few more examples of the articles our lawyers frequently write on auto accident related topics:

  • Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Company?
  • Tips On The Best Way To Handle A Property Damage Claim
  • 3 Things Not To Do After A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Below we provide some additional information on car accident issues that may help answer some of your immediate questions.

How Do I Pay For An Accident Lawyer?

There are no up front costs to hire one of our accident attorneys. Attorney’s fees are paid out of any settlement or verdict award as a percentage of what is recovered. This is called a contingency fee arrangement and is standard in the industry whether you hire our firm or another to handle your case.

Separate from the contingency fee are expenses paid to third parties to move your case toward trial. These include such things as paying to obtain all of your medical records and bills or the cost to take the deposition of the defendant.

Typically, these expenses are covered 100% by the firm during the case and paid back by you through the settlement or verdict proceeds. The point in doing it this way is so injury victims do not have any out of pocket expenses to pursue their case during their time of need.

Handling Your Property Damage Claim

The property damage claim is typically a claim we do not need to handle for our clients. This is because it is the one claim after a wreck that is often very straightforward and therefore not one the insurance company is going to make difficult for you.

Get tips on the best way to handle your property damage claim by reviewing our article titled “Best Practices For Handling A Property Damage Claim.”

If we do have to get involved in the claim, we do so for free as part of handling your injury claim. Below is a video explaining a typical situation that gets client’s frustrated by the process and how to handle it quickly to resolve your claim.

Call Us For Free To Learn More! (770) 744-0890

If you still have questions about your situation or simply want to talk to one of our car accident lawyers in Decatur, give us a call. Doing so is free and we are always happy to speak to anyone with questions or concerns.