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Theodore Spaulding and Jeremy Hayes are two dedicated personal injury attorneys who have successfully recovered millions in compensation for their clients. Some of their practice areas include car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and wrongful death claims. Their success in these practice areas–and many others–have helped them become two of the most sought-after attorneys in Atlanta. Read these reviews to see what clients are saying about Spaulding Injury Law:

“I filled out the online request form and received a call within a few minutes. The person that called me was Mr. Spaulding, not a third party representative. We spoke for several minutes and he advised me over the phone without the guarantee I would choose him as my Lawyer. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone I come in contact with needing their services.”

- Cory Phillips Stars icons

All the good reviews about Ted and this law firm are TRUE!!! I was involved in a car accident and he helped me every step of the way. He was concise and thoroughly explained my options. Even the paralegal was super helpful and checked on me regularly. I am really grateful for their help. I was able to get fully compensated and get the proper rehabilitation to get me back in previous condition. Everyone was so kind and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. I recommend him already to my family and friends so hope this is helpful to others!

- Victoria Akobundu Stars icons

I was a bit worried about Ted having too many positive reviews, but the positive reviews proved to be entirely accurate. He spoke to me on the phone when I called about my mother’s horrific car accident which was the other driver’s fault – the fault has already been admitted by the other party’s insurance company. He was honest about whether we needed a lawyer or not – we do, I knew that. He was knowledgeable on the phone and gave me sound advice even before my mother hired him. He got to work on my mother’s behalf right away. My mother did not like driving even before the accident, and now she is even more reluctant to drive. Ted kindly came to her house and spoke to her at length about the process and reassured her that her sole concern at this moment is to get well. He is working on our behalf with all of the bureaucracy we are facing. These things can take a long time, so we will not have a resolution for a while. But my mother and i are very pleased we hired Ted to represent her interests. Everything he has told us seems to me to be very sound legal advice. Additionally, he has been sincere and caring in all of our interactions.

- Elizabeth Housworth Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding has represented us in several different situations, and we have won the case each time. As a litigator, he is excellent. He is competent and trustworthy, and we hold him in very high esteem.”

- Sandi Sutton, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

I was involved in a head on collision Back in Oct. of 2014. I spent my first night getting stitches in my forehead, 2nd-3rd night I was on the internet and telephone, Doing research and holding phone interviews. I wasn’t having any luck, so finally 4 Nights after my car accident, I put in a call to Spaulding Injury Law in hopes of finding someone to help me with putting my life back together. I was fortunate to be introduced to Ted Spaulding over the phone. He seemed very interested in my health and how I was feeling right off the back. He listened to me and my issues, explained what they do at Spaulding Injury Law, and what he could do for me… So I made an appointment, after speaking to Ted in person, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing Ted as my Personal Injury Attorney. I soon found out that Ted is the absolute Best I could have found. He was able to help me find Temporary Med. Insurance for doctors and all necessary treatments and medication. Ted was a great help to me and my family. I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome and treatment I have gotten from working with Ted. I highly recommend Ted Spaulding to anyone hurt and in need of any personal injury assistance. Thanks again Ted Spaulding, for all your help and great work with my personal injury case.

- David Morgan Stars icons

“My husband and I were involved in a motorcycle accident in May 2015. Ted handled everything from the wrongful death case to my personal injury case. I was pleased with the attention to detail and the security in knowing it was being taken care of legally. What stood out the most to me was Ted showed compassion to my family. During the most difficult time in our lives, he took time to listen and walk with us through everything. I would recommend him for any personal injury case you have.”

- Tanya Bell, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

I was in a MVA in August of 2017 and was rear ended by a distracted driver. His speed he admitted to at the crash site was 65-70 mph while I was stopped in rush hour traffic. The days following In care, I felt hopeless so I turned to Ted Spaulding for help. Upon our first meeting he calmed my nerves and helped me understand the process and it was a huge relief for me and my family. To know someone was in my corner and had my back helped me focus on my recovery and get back to taking care, as best I could, the ones I love. I would recommend Ted and his professional staff for anyone who is injured no matter how minor… as I found out there are many health issues that can arise later down the road. Don’t take this burden on yourself, call Ted Spaulding and set an appointment and get the support I received.

- Tim Milam Stars icons

I wish I could give them more stars honestly! They were super helpful during my time with them. They were very determined to settle my case as fast as possible, but also very careful with each decision we made as a group. They did a really good job of communicating as well. Would definitely recommend Spaulding Injury Law.

- Drake Jennings Stars icons

I recently met with Ted Spaulding after being involved in a pedestrian accident. I had decided to meet with Mr. Spaulding based upon his excellent reputation and I was impressed right away. During our initial consultation, he listened to my concerns and addressed each one in a through manner while walking me through the process. I can’t tell you how relieved I was after meeting with him and his team.

- Kim Gunter Stars icons

Ted Spaulding is a wonderful attorney and amazing advocate! I worked with him for two years after my car accident. He always took time to answer questions and to explain what was going on legally every step of the way. I had no experience with personal injury proceedings, so I appreciated knowing what to expect. He took care of my case so I could take care of my health! I was very happy with the outcome of the case and feel confident referring family and friends to Ted, knowing they’ll be well treated. He’s professional, trustworthy, and kind. Can’t say enough about him!

- Suzie McWhirter Stars icons

We needed a motorcycle injury attorney and decided to go with Spaulding Injury Law. We are in the beginning stages but are happy with our choice.

- Stephen Sumrow Stars icons

I have the Georgia Down Biker Fund, Inc and have been recommending Ted Spaulding to our injured motorcyclists for some time now. I have witnessed his compassion, knowledge and expedience in handling very sensitive issues, including death and grieving families. He can talk to some of the gruffest, profanity laced, riders that I have referred to him and they like him. No problem.

- Kathy Green-Vogeley Stars icons

If you are looking for a highly competent personal injury attorney, look no further. My son was injured, as a passenger, in a terrible car accident. After interviewing several attorneys in Atlanta, GA, Ted Spaulding impressed us as being very knowledgeable and passionate about making sure that those suffering from an injury received the best possible representation. He was not high pressure and informed us about how to obtain care for my son. Suffice to say, my son hired him. We have just started the process and Ted has been very attentive. We firmly believe that he will be aggressive in making sure that my Son receives the representation and care that he needs to recover.

- SJH Stars icons

“I worked with Ted Spaulding for about 2 years after I was in a car accident. Throughout every step of the legal process, Ted listened to my concerns and helped explain the next steps of legal action. He is trustworthy and hard working. I recommend him to any of my family and friends.”

- Claire Hockenberry, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

“Just to say that it’s been a pleasure it’s rewarding dealing with your law firm and everybody here is so helpful and I’m so happy that I chose this law firm so once again when it comes to an end I just have to say thank you for allowing me to use you guys as my attorneys. Thank you.”

- Peter Salerno, Alpharetta, GA Stars icons

“By far the best experience I have with any law group. Highly Recommended! Jeremy Hays is very diligent, trust worthy and one of a kind. I will use him for all my law needs.”

- Turner V3 Stars icons

“We recently worked with Ted Spaulding when a family member shattered a kneecap in a slip and fall accident. Ted was very courteous, knowledgeable, and empathetic during a difficult time. We were very comfortable with Ted guiding us through the unfamiliar territory of accumulating medical bills, claims, etc.”

- Andrew L., Atlanta, Georgia Stars icons

“I have dealt with several attorney’s as well as their assistant’s over the years for various reasons and have always been treated with kindness respect. They have always responded to in a timely manner to all of my questions and concerns. Each situation was different and each time I have come away with a feeling of accomplishment by some of the nicest most professional people. I would recommend them to anyone.”

- Kathy Umberger, Cumming, GA Stars icons

“Professional, Competent, Personal best describe the representation I received from Jeremy Hayes. His advocacy in court and guidance outside of court instilled a sense of confidence and calm during a highly stressful time. His ratings as one of the best are well deserved.”

- William Hooper, Cumming, GA Stars icons

“Spaulding Injury Law treated us with respect and honor. A trusted friend recommended them, and I’m glad we chose them to guide us. I don’t hope to need legal help again in the near future, but I will give them a call if I ever do.”

- Kyle Guillot, Cumming, GA Stars icons

“Worked with Jeremy Hayes on 2 separate cases involving family members and I couldn’t be happier with either case. He did a wonderful job explaining everything up front and was very fair, thorough and tenacious when he had to be. Fantastic job Jeremy and Spaulding Injury Law!”

- Kellie Aucoin, Alpharetta, GA Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding is an amazing attorney! He is very professional and trustworthy. He listened to my concerns and guided me in the right direction. I was very happy with the outcome of my case. I highly recommend Ted Spaulding for any personal injury case. He is the best!”

- Connie Ledford, Alpharetta, GA Stars icons

“When a drunk driver hit my children, Ted and his associates were Amazing! They took care of us, kept us informed and handled all the little headaches that we had no idea what to do with so we could just focus on the lengthy rehabilitation of our son. Since then I’ve been in a wreck and injured and I felt very safe going back to Ted for help. He sits down talks to you, explains everything, and listens to you! And he’s very honest with you too. Calls it like it is! Love them very much! Have referred friends and family!”

- Sherry A. Short, Alpharetta, GA Stars icons

“They truly make you feel like you are family. The anxiety I thought would be a normal reaction to my first experience meeting with an attorney, was not the case. I felt comfortable from the moment I was greeted at the door. Thank you for the immediate attention you showed for my concerns. I am grateful my friend suggested I give you a visit.”

- Susan McKoy, Roswell, GA Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding helped us get the results we wanted with expertise and care! We have referred him to others going through our situation. I can not say thank you enough!”

- Leslie Walters, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding is amazing. He’s very thorough and professional. I know he has many cases besides mine. However, he made me feel like my case was his most important. He communicates very well. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.”

- Teresa Alvarez, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

“I hired Spaulding Injury Law to handle a Landlord/Tenant issue for me. Although my case is still open, I can say I have been very pleased with the representation I have had thus far. Jeremy is my attorney, and he has been very patient with me thru this entire procedure, and has thoroughly explained every detail and answered all questions I had. I feel confident about my case and the representation they have provided. I will definitely recommend them to my friends when they have legal needs.”

- Shellie D’Angelo, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

“Very impressed with Ted Spaulding and how helpful and prompt he has been. We won’t hesitate to recommend him.”

- Marion Todd, Lawrenceville, GA Stars icons

“I am April Roberts. I have been working with Mr. Ted Spaulding and Mr. Jeremy Hayes and Chris Kramer for 5 years. They are wonderful. Not only with legalities, but on a personal level. I have some dealings with Mr. Rice, very informative and helpful. I recommend this firm to all.”

- April Roberts, Atlanta, GA Stars icons

“Trust is the key. I can say without reservation, Ted Spaulding is honest and will work hard in your best interest.”

- Montana Holmes Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding has been amazing for me so far. I cannot say enough about how helpful he has been. Thank God for his knowledge on things that he has taken care of. Wouldn’t have known without him. He has no problem going above and beyond in helping with any problems I have faced so far. All I have to do is contact him and it’s taken care of ASAP. He has no problem staying in touch with me. I am glad he was recommended to me and I will definitely recommend him to others.”

- Ralph Jackson Stars icons

“I recently used Ted Spaulding one of Spaulding Injury Law’s attorneys. He did a fantastic job representing me after I was involved in a car accident. He was thorough, well studied and actually took an interest in my well being both now and in the future. My wife and I also used this group for our Will and Estate Planning and again they showed genuine interest in what was best for us and our family. I highly recommend this law firm and its attorneys.”

- Stan Gudenkauf Stars icons

“A big kudos to Ted Spaulding and his team! They provided me with excellent, caring service when I needed it the most! I was involved in a car accident, through no fault of my own, and was hassled by the at-fault’s insurance company to settle before I even knew the extent of my injuries. Ted and his team immediately took over and the calls from the insurance company stopped. Thanks to Spaulding Injury Law I received a fair settlement for my pain and suffering and all my medical bills were paid! I highly recommend Spaulding Injury Law!”

- S. Nelson Stars icons

“Ted Spaulding and his firm are doing a great job with my injury case. Ted and his staff make me feel like my injury matters. When I call the office either he answers right away or I leave a message and he’ll call me back as soon as he can. With all the things that go on right after an accident he takes the burden of handling other lawyers and insurance companies for you. The best way I know he care about our injuries is the first question he asked every time Is how we are doing. I would recommend Mr. Spaulding and his firm to everyone. If I could I would place a sticker on my car so I could advertise his firm. 10 stars if I could. Thank you Ted for all your help. ”

- S. Graffin Stars icons

“Jeremy Hayes was an excellent attorney. He was informative, helpful, and went above and beyond what he had to do. I had a bit of a tough case and I ended up getting a better outcome than I had ever anticipated. I would not have been able to do that had it not been for Jeremy’s help. I would 100% recommend him for any legal trouble you may have! Definitely choose Spaulding Law!”

- Lydia Sellers Stars icons

“Thank You Mr. Hayes for seeing & hearing my son and I out the other day as walk-ins to your office. Will definitely keep you in mind as our case develops in the next couple of months.”

- Balmer Beltran Stars icons

“My daughter survived a plane crash & being a minor there were many hoops needing jumping through in order to receive the settlement owed to her. Ted has held our hand & walked us through this difficult process. He has kept us informed while he handled all the details. I spoke to multiple attorneys before being lead to Ted & I’m so thankful we found him! Ted is honest, reliable, and dedicated. His heart is in the right place & he fights for justice for his clients.”

- Paige Buckley Stars icons

“Mr. Spaulding was there from the very beginning of my traffic accident. He guided my wife and I through this tough time in our lives. If you ever need an injury law firm this is the one. I would recommend this law firm to anyone.”

- Stephen Graffin Stars icons

“Theodore Spaulding and Jeremy Hayes were very professional and clear during my counseling session. They even drove to my apartment due to I was bedridden from an accident. They instantly demonstrated their ability to be subject matter experts in the field of injury law.”

- Sebastian Armellini Stars icons

“Mr. Hayes advised me about a legal matter and I highly recommend him as an attorney. He listens, cares about your situation and provides practical and very useful legal advice. I am grateful for his assistance.”

- Scott Friedman Stars icons

“I contacted Mr. Spaulding about some legal matter and even though it wasn’t his area of expertise he was able to connect me with the lawyers that I needed. I appreciate him going out of his way to help me.”

- Leslie Durand Stars icons

“I dealt with attorney Jeremy Hayes and was extremely satisfied with the experience and results. He was deliberate, measured and kept every commitment he made. I got responses the same day and overall couldn’t be more satisfied. I plan on using this firm for all of my legal needs!”

- Ray Robinson Stars icons