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Truck Accident Lawyer in Alpharetta GA

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When a large truck collides with a standard-sized vehicle, the damage that results can be devastating. Passengers inside the vehicle may sustain serious, life-threatening injuries. Some passengers may even suffer from fatal injuries. The car may be completely totaled from the impact of the collision. All of these changes can happen in an instant—so it’s important to be prepared by learning about your legal rights.

Truck accident victims may be able to recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. But, you will need the help of an experienced truck accident attorney at Spaulding Injury Law in order to maximize the amount of compensation that you are awarded. Schedule a free consultation with our law office today by calling 470-509-5772 or filling out the online contact form on our website.

Here are some questions that we have received from truck crash victims in the past:

According to the National Institute of Traffic and Highway Safety, about 75% of truck accident injuries and fatalities are suffered by the drivers and passengers in the vehicle that is hit by the truck. This means if you are hit by a truck while driving, it is very likely that you will be injured and not the truck driver.

It’s very common for victims to sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in a truck accident. These injuries can occur when a victim hits his head against the window, steering wheel, or dashboard of his vehicle. They can also occur when the head violently jerks back and forth due to the impact of the collision.

Spinal cord injuries are also frequently sustained by truck accident victims. The symptoms of a spinal cord injury may not be noticeable for a few hours or days following the accident. This leads many people to assume that they are fine, only to realize days later that they are in serious need of medical attention.

Trucks are much more powerful than cars, so when they collide with vehicles, the passengers inside often suffer broken bones from the impact. Any bone in the body could break during a truck accident, but it’s very common for victims to break their collarbones, legs, or arms.

Truck accident victims can also sustain internal injuries as a result of the collision. Blunt trauma can cause internal bleeding to vital organs such as the liver, kidney, and spleen.

One of the main reasons why a truck accident case is more complicated than a car accident case is due to the issue of liability. In general, liability in a car accident is typically assigned to one of the drivers involved in the accident. The drivers involved in a truck accident can be held liable, but there are several other parties outside of this group that may also be at fault.

The trucking company that employs the driver can be held liable for truck accidents caused by the driver. This is due to a legal doctrine known as “respondeat superior,” which means “let the superior answer.” If a driver behaves negligently while operating the truck, the employer may be responsible for his actions.

Companies can also be held liable if it is determined that the accident was caused by their failure to comply with federal trucking regulations. For instance, if they chose to violate the regulation that controls how many hours drivers are allowed to spend on the road at a time, they can be held liable if a drowsy driver causes an accident.

The company that is using the truck to ship cargo is typically responsible for loading the cargo into the back of the truck. If this company loads the cargo so the weight is unevenly distributed in the back of the truck, the driver may not be able to control the truck. If an accident occurs as a result of the improperly loaded cargo, this company can be held liable.

Finally, parts manufacturers may also be responsible if a defective part caused the accident. It’s important to note that more than one of these parties may be liable for the same accident.

There is no law that says you have to work with a lawyer to settle your truck accident claim, however, it is strongly recommended that you do if you want to recover compensation. There are a lot of different parties involved in a truck accident, so it may be difficult for you to communicate and negotiate with each of these parties and their insurance companies without the help of a truck accident attorney.

Plus, truck accident cases are very complex and could involve researching product liability or federal trucking laws. You may even need to issue subpoenas to the trucking company to gain access to crucial documentation that can help you identify the liable parties. Handling all of this on your own is nearly impossible—especially if you are recovering from serious injuries while you do it.

There’s no way to know how much compensation you will be awarded in a truck accident claim. It’s possible that you will be compensated for your current and future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Compensation is never guaranteed, but there are a few ways you can strengthen your case and increase your chances of recovering it.

For example, you should document as much evidence as possible. Hold onto your medical records and keep receipts that show the expenses you have incurred as a result of your injuries.

Keep an injury journal where you can write down how you are feeling on a daily basis. Jotting down how the injuries have affected your emotional state may help you recover damages for your pain and suffering. It’s also wise to work with a truck accident lawyer who has a reputation for helping clients win the compensation they deserve.

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