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Who Are the Most Notable People From Lawrenceville, Georgia?

Who Are the Most Notable People From Lawrenceville, Georgia?

Lawrenceville is the second oldest city in metropolitan Atlanta and it was incorporated in the year 1821. This city sits about 30 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta and has a population of over 30,000 people. Rich in history and culture, there are many well-known people from Lawrenceville. We will share some of them now.

Three most famous people born in Lawrenceville

While these people lived most of their lives in other places, both were born in Lawrenceville and went on to be quite famous for their day.

Charles Henry Smith

Born in 1826, Charles Henry Smith was considered the South’s most famous writer of the late 19th century. His pen name was Bill Arp, and he wrote humorous pieces for the newspapers of Atlanta during the Civil War.

Ezzard Charles

Ezzard Charles was born in Lawrenceville in 1921 but raised in Ohio where there were better opportunities for African-Americans. In 1950, Charles became the World Heavyweight boxing champion by defeating Joe Lewis, which was accomplished by unanimous decision.

Oliver Hardy

The comedy team, “Laurel and Hardy” were screen legends in the 1920’s through 1940’s. While Oliver Hardy’s family moved often and lived in many Georgia towns, it was established that Oliver Hardy lived in Lawrenceville in 1900.

Sports Stars

  • Jonathan Babineaux – Atlanta Falcons
  • Jeff Francoeur – Atlanta Braves
  • Jonathan Massaquoi – Tennessee Titans
  • Brian McCann – Houston Astros
  • Grace Min – tennis player
  • Raju Rai – badminton player who qualified for the 3008 Olympics
  • Christin Stewart – Detroit Tigers
  • Darius Walker – NFL running back
  • Walker Zimmerman – Soccer
  • Maya Moore – Minnesota Lynx

Celebrity Chefs

Jason Ellis – He’s served food for Lil’ Wayne, Taylor Swift and former Atlanta Falcon Jonathan Babineaux. But today, Ellis serves food to Gwinnett residents out of a tiny barbecue joint ( Smoke 631 BBQ ) connected to an Ace Hardware store off Buford Drive in Lawrenceville.


  • Hamilton Jordan – former Chief of Staff for President Jimmy Carter
  • Courtland Win – politician and attorney (19th century)
    • Served as mayor of Lawrenceville for two terms beginning in 1884 when he was 21 years old.
  • Rob Woodall – current member of the United States House of Representatives

Actors and Entertainers

  • Moisés Arias – television and film actor
  • Rachel Farley – Country music singer
  • Jennifer Ferrin – actress
  • Rachel G. Fox – actress
  • Michael Kelly – television actor
  • Migos – rap music group
  • Ricardo Hurtado – television actor

Point of Interest

In 1970, Larry Flynt, Publisher of Hustler magazine, was brought up on obscenity charges. During the trial, in March of 1978, Flint and his attorney, Gene Reeves were eating lunch when shots rang out. Both gentlemen were shot by a sniper near the courthouse, and while neither of them was killed, they were seriously injured and hospitalized. A serial killer named Joseph Paul Franklin claimed to be the shooter while he was imprisoned, but no proof was ever found to support this. A movie was released in 1996 which was broadly based on an exaggerated version of this story. The title of the movie is “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”

As you can see, Lawrenceville is an important part of the culture in the state of Georgia. The city is diversified and the multicultural population ensures talents in every area of life are represented. Many fine people live in and around the city, and as this city grows and thrives, more local talent will excel, thus shining the light of notoriety into the region.

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