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Brookhaven Personal Injury Lawyer

Last Updated on October 27, 2021 by Theodore Spaulding

Have you been injured in a car accident or another incident that caused you injuries? Do you think that another party might have contributed to your injuries by causing the accident? Knowing who is liable for damages when you have been injured can be difficult, and dealing with insurance companies that take such cases every day puts you at a disadvantage.

A personal injury attorney in your area with experience handling your type of case will know how to negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome. A Brookhaven personal injury lawyer at Spaulding Injury Law knows how to analyze your case and is here to discuss your options.

After Medical Attention, Contact an Attorney As Soon As Possible After Your Accident

If you have been injured, your health is the most important and immediate concern to address. If someone calls 911 and emergency medical personnel arrive at the scene of your accident, allow them to provide an examination to determine if you have any emergency needs.

In the moments following an accident, it is natural for you to be distracted by adrenaline and the stress associated with the accident, and sometimes, injuries can be missed. After the accident, following up with your primary care physician might be necessary to ensure that you have no long-term injuries that might have gone undetected after the accident.

Once you get the treatment you need, and your health is stable, contacting your insurance company and hiring an attorney will best support your settlement.

A Personal Injury Attorney is a Professional Negotiator

Negotiation is commonly referred to as an art because it is a specific skill. For many people, the first time they may be negotiating for a large amount of money that is important to their lives may be when they have had an accident. Your personal injury settlement can range from nothing to comprehensive and complete compensation that makes you whole from your injuries. You do not want to risk leaving money on the table, so you need an experienced negotiator in your corner.

Going up against an insurance company that negotiates settlements each and every day puts you at a distinct disadvantage, which underlines the value of an attorney. When you hire a personal injury attorney, you are hiring a professional negotiator to speak on your behalf and achieve the best possible outcome and compensation for your injuries.

Courtroom Experience is an Added Benefit of a Personal Injury Attorney

If you are unable to come to a settlement with the insurance company that fully covers your damages or addresses other long-term issues, filing a personal injury lawsuit to initiate litigation may be the best option. Ensuring that you recover full compensation in court requires knowledge of courtroom procedure, the filing process, and also in-court rules and procedure.

Going to court, however, is not likely something you necessarily need to lose sleep over. Not all cases go to trial – in fact, very few do. Most cases are settled out of court prior to a trial, and this is where a personal injury attorney is of value to your case. We can use all the evidence we gather to negotiate with the defendant and their insurer regarding a possible settlement agreement.

Negotiating with the Insurance Companies Can Be Complex

When you have been injured, and another party is at fault, the facts of the situation will determine which, and how many, insurance companies you are dealing with. For example, if someone slips and falls while in a store at a mall due to a property hazard, the store might be liable, in addition to the mall they rent the space from, and possibly even the maintenance company that was meant to prevent the defective condition. It can be confusing knowing which parties might be responsible for your injuries, and even if you know, it can be difficult to get the process started with their insurance companies.

While you might receive quick offers of settlement from the opposing insurance company that may seem attractive, an experienced attorney can explain whether it is as much as you deserve. What looks attractive to someone who has seen only one insurance settlement is not the same as a personal injury attorney who has worked hundreds of cases and negotiated with many of the insurance companies in your area.

When You Have Been Injured, There are Many Types of Damages

Insurance claims or court awards can provide for a variety of different types of compensation, including medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, or even punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded when the party that caused injury engaged in a prohibited activity, and the punitive damages are meant to punish them and deter the activity in the future.

Depending on the facts of your circumstances, different types of damages can be available. Not only are immediate costs like healthcare and vehicle repairs available, but lost wages, reduced future earnings, and compensation for intangible losses might be relevant to your case.

A Brookhaven personal injury lawyer from Spaulding Injury Law knows how to assess the facts of your injury to determine what damages you might be entitled to through insurance settlements, and if those offers do not cover your damages, how to proceed in court.

Attorneys are behind you with a knowledge of not only the law, but local procedure, taking stress out of your life by filing the appropriate paperwork and negotiating on your behalf. Experience, support, and advocacy are what you can expect from Spaulding Injury Law.

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Having an attorney on your side as soon as possible after your accident will ensure that your outcome is ideal and the settlement that you achieve is maximized. You should focus on recovering from your physical injuries while your Brookhaven personal injury lawyer handles everything else for you seeking financial recovery.

Contact Spaulding Injury Law today to schedule a consultation to speak about your case.