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Being injured by someone else’s negligence can leave you facing a long and costly recovery. Personal injury law is intended to help you recover for your losses – or legal damages – in order to provide you with the resources you need to regain your health and well-being to the degree possible. 

Personal Injury Attorney in Coal Mountain

While personal injury claims are often exceptionally complicated, an experienced Coal Mountain personal injury attorney has the experience and legal insight to help guide your claim effectively and efficiently toward its best possible resolution. Reach out to Spaulding Injury Law today for more information

Common Categories of Personal Injury Claims

It’s important to know that every personal injury claim is utterly unique to the parties and circumstances involved, but most fall into one of several basic categories, including:

When someone else’s negligence causes an accident  – or engages in another kind of wrongdoing – that ultimately proves fatal, the survivors of the accident can seek compensation for their related losses in a wrongful death claim, which is very similar to a personal injury claim. 

Identifying the Elements of Your Claim

In order to better understand personal injury claims and how to successfully recover for your losses, it’s important to know the elements that must be present.

The Other Party Owed You a Duty of Care

To begin, the at-fault party in your personal injury claim must have had a responsibility of some kind to your safety. For example, motorists accept the immense responsibility of helping to guard the safety of everyone with whom they share the road, which means they owe other motorists – and all the occupants of other vehicles – a duty of care. This duty of care, however, does not end with motorists. Property owners, dog owners, manufacturers of the products we purchase, and public transportation all owe others a considerable duty of care.

The Other Party Breached that Duty of Care Owed

The next element of your personal injury claim is that the other party must have breached – or ignored – the duty of care owed to you. Common examples include the various forms of negligence that motorists who cause dangerous traffic accidents often engage in, including:

  • Excess speed
  • Exhaustion
  • Impairment
  • Failure to follow the rules of the road
  • Aggression
  • Distraction

Another prime example is property owners who fail to live up to their responsibility to maintain their premises at the same reasonable level of safety that other reasonable property owners maintain in similar situations. Failing to uphold the duty of care owed to others amounts to a breach of this responsibility and is a necessary element in every personal injury claim. 

The Other Party’s Lapsed Duty of Care Caused the Accident in Question

It’s not enough that the other party failed to live up to the standard of care you were owed. Instead, their breach must have been the direct cause of the accident that left you injured. Consider the following common examples:

  • A drunk driver speeds through a red light and T-bones another motorist who is passing through the intersection as guided by a green light.
  • A property owner recognizes that there is a slipping hazard on the premises but does nothing to clean it up or warn visitors about it for an extended period of time, causing a patron to slip, fall, and be injured in the process.
  • A product manufacturer designs a product for small children that incorporates a choking hazard, which goes on to injure a child.

While this element can take many forms, the bottom line is that the at-fault party’s negligence caused the accident in question.

You Suffered Legal Damages as a Result

Finally, you must have suffered losses that the law covers, which means losses for which you can seek compensation in your personal injury claim.

Property Damage

If the accident in question causes property damage, that loss can be included in your personal injury claim. For example, if your car and its contents were damaged in a car accident that was caused by a speeding driver, your compensation can address this property damage. 

Medical Expenses

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, you are likely facing extensive medical bills that, if they address ongoing healthcare concerns or complications, may be ongoing.

Lost Income

You’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence and will likely be off the job as a result. Experiencing lost income in the face of steep medical expenses can be especially challenging, and if your ability to earn, continue growing your career, or continue advancing your earning potential are affected, the corresponding financial losses can be immense. 

Pain and Suffering

Being injured in any kind of accident is physically painful, but if the accident is the result of someone else’s wrongdoing, it can enhance the emotional pain and suffering you endure, which is likely to be significant in the first place. In other words, this category of loss should not be overlooked or shortchanged.   

An Experienced Coal Mountain Personal Injury Attorney Is on Your Side and Here to Help

If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence in an accident of any kind, your recovery is paramount, and the practiced Coal Mountain personal injury attorneys at Spaulding Injury Law take great pride in their proven ability to help. Our trusted legal team has an imposing track record of successfully guiding claims like yours toward advantageous resolutions, and we’re here to help you, too. 

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