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Car Accident Attorney Woodstock GA

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Car Accident Attorney in Woodstock GA

Car Accident Attorney Woodstock GA

Nationally Recognized Car Accident Lawyers

Until you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, you just do not know how life changing an event it can be. With over two decades of experience representing injury victims and their families after an auto accident throughout metro-Atlanta including Woodstock, GA, the lawyers at Spaulding Injury Law know too well the consequences.

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Woodstock, Georgia has grown quickly over the years with tens of thousands of new residences moving to the city every few years. With the growth has come, a few major highways making their way through Cherokee County and surrounding Woodstock. At one point or another, either we or one of our loved ones will be involved in a car accident in Cherokee County. If you have arrived at our Woodstock, GA car accident lawyer site, you or a loved one have been in a serious car wreck. You have come to the right place to learn about us and your rights.

The Right Team For Your Claim Or Case

While there are plenty of lawyers out there to choose from to handle your car accident case, our auto accident lawyers believe they possess unique qualifications that separate them from the pack, including:

  • Half A Century of Experience Trying Car Accident Injury Cases
  • Lawyers And Staff Who Truly Care About Their Clients
  • National Recognition For Our Results:
    • Nominated Top Trial Lawyers In America
    • Nominated Top 100 Trial Lawyers
    • AV Preeminent Law Firm By Martindale Hubbell
    • Nominated Million Dollar Advocates For Exceptional Results
    • AVVO Client Choice Personal Injury Recognition
  • Previous Insurance Company Lawyers Who Know How the Other Side Responds to Accident Claims

Learn More About Your Case:

Our lawyers have created a Learning Center filled with useful topics on various issues surrounding car accident claims and cases to help clients and potential clients learn more and get their questions answered. Visit our Learning Center to learn more about auto accident claims and the law surrounding these types of cases.

We also frequently update our Blog with interesting articles on personal injury-related topics and the law. Click here to visit our Blog.

What Happens First After An Accident?

Be Prepared to Hear from the Insurance Company — If you have not already, you will be receiving a call from the insurance company for the individual that hit you. Despite what they will tell you on the phone, the only reason this call is being made is to try to convince you to conduct a recorded interview. DO NOT AGREE TO DO A RECORDED STATEMENT. They want to use portions of this statement against you later.

This is because usually people are not feeling a lot of pain in the days immediately after the accident or they do not yet know the severity of their injuries. Getting a recorded statement from you that downplays how bad you are feeling or a statement that you do not think you are hurt can be devastating to your case.

Finally, the insurance company will request that you sign an authorization form that will allow it to obtain your medical records and bills so it can pay you. What you do not know is the authorization you sign allows them to get any of your treatment records for as far back as they want to go. They have no right otherwise to that type of medical history on you. Do not give it to them.

If you were in a Woodstock, Georgia auto accident you are first required to prove that the person that hit you is at fault for the accident. Next, you must prove that the injuries you sustained were caused by the accident. You are only entitled to monetary damages once you have proven to a jury’s satisfaction both of these elements. Then it comes down to what the jury believes your case is actually worth.

What Does It Cost To Hire Spaulding Injury Law?

Thankfully for our clients, Georgia law allows a Woodstock accident lawyer to work only on a contingency fee basis. This allows our clients to focus on healing instead of how they are going to pay a lawyer to protect their rights.

The contingency fee structure means you owe nothing upfront (no retainers) and owe us nothing until we recover compensation for you through a settlement or verdict in court. The last thing you and your family need during this difficult time is to worry about paying legal bills monthly.

Other than the contingency fee, the only other amounts owed at the end of your case are any expenses of litigation we pay upfront for you. These include such things as charges for depositions, court filing fees, trial exhibits, and other expenses. Like the contingency fee, you do not owe these amounts until the end of your claim or case.

Our Woodstock Practice:

Our car accident lawyers have represented injury victims in Woodstock and throughout Cherokee County for years. Our personal injury practice focuses on handling just a few serious injury cases at a time to guarantee that we can deliver superior customer service to each and every one of our clients as well as maintain a laser focus on every aspect of our clients’ cases.

We Are Available For A Free Consultation About Your Cases Call (470) 509-5772

We are conveniently located near Woodstock and the rest of Cherokee County through our main office in Alpharetta, Georgia. If you cannot make it to our office, a car accident lawyer at our office can arrange to meet you at your home or office. There is absolutely no obligation or fee to discuss your case with our firm.