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Harley Recall Information Motorcyclists Should Know

This blog is for my Harley Davidson riders, but it’s a good reminder in general to be monitoring recalls. As motorcycle accident lawyers, I know that you’re supposed to be getting recall information in the mail, sometimes by e-mail as well, but it’s always good to monitor these types of things through discussion boards, or on the internet.

You may have already heard about it, but this recall is affecting about 238,000 Harley Davidson bikes between 2017 and 2018 models, and it’s yet again another clutch issue with Harley Davidson. If you recall, there’s been several clutch recalls in the past, not these specific models necessarily, but other models in the past. So, Harley Davidson has had a history recently of clutch problems in numerous recalls with different models all the way back to 2013 models.

Which Models Are Affected By This Recall?

This current recall is a voluntary recall affecting around 238,000 plus Harley Davidson bikes on the years 2017 and 2018 models. The models specifically are the Touring trike and CVO touring models, but it does affect some 2017 soft tails. You may have to do some research to find out more.

The issue is the secondary clutch actuator that has a seal on it that is deteriorating for some reason, or it’s just not sealing correctly from the very beginning. This is allowing air in there, which then causes other performance issues and problems with the bike itself.

How Can This Issue Be Fixed?

My understanding is it’s pretty difficult to get to it. I wouldn’t recommend that anybody does the repairs on their own. One of the big problems is one of the pipes has to be removed or at least loosened to get to the secondary actuator with the clutch, and then the actuator, just to get that seal and replace it.

Again, it’s not going to be a very simple repair in that sense. You will have to remove multiple items or at least loosen them up to get to the seal that ultimately that needs to be replaced.

With it being a voluntary recall, take it to a Harley Davidson dealer. Let them deal with it for free. Get it changed by professionals, and hopefully, the repair will work.