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Is There A Statute of Limitations For Personal Injury Cases In Georgia?

You or a family member have been injured in Georgia and you’re wondering how long do I have to act on my claim before I lose my rights? That’s called the statute of limitations. Keep watching this video to learn more about how long you have to act before you lose your rights forever in the state of Georgia.

What is the Statute of Limitations For Personal injury Cases in Atlanta?

Hi, I’m Ted Spaulding. I’m an Atlanta personal injury trial lawyer here with Spaulding Injury Law. Thank you for watching this video.

Let me tell you a little bit about the statute of limitations here in Georgia on injury claims.

The typical statute of limitations is two years for almost every injury claim that you can think of except for medical malpractice claims. That has a separate statute of limitations often times.

So, you got typically two years from the anniversary of the incident that led to injury to work with a personal injury lawyer and file a lawsuit. Now, you need to keep in mind that why this is so important is because if you don’t act by that two-year deadline, you forever lose your rights to pursue your injury claim meaning you won’t get payment back for your medical bills, your lost wages, your pain and suffering.

When Should I File A Personal Injury Claim in Atlanta?

Now, what do you have to do? That’s also very important. Within that two year period, you have to physically file suit against the at-fault party or parties with the help of a personal injury attorney in Atlanta.

If you have multiple people involved, and you only sue one, you forever lose your rights against the others.

So, at the end of the day, it’s typically two years, and it means you need to file a lawsuit in court to preserve your rights within that time frame.

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