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3 Reasons Why Truck Accidents Are More Destructive

3 Reasons Why Truck Accidents Are More Destructive

Anyone involved in the trucking industry or who owns a large truck as their personal vehicle knows that operating trucks require more attention and expertise than most other vehicles, which is why skilled truck drivers are in high demand. Employers know that it’s a dangerous profession, so shouldn’t you have a truck accident injury lawyer that also understands the risks? Below are three of the main factors that contribute to the danger of truck accidents.


  1. Blind Spots – Trucks have over double the size of blind spots as average vehicles. 35% of fatal accidents involving trucks are due to cars “hiding out” in blind spots.
  2. Wider Turning Radius – Trucks require much more space to make turns.
  3. Higher Ride – Truck drivers sit very high off the ground, which limits vision.
  4. Slower Stopping Speed – Traveling at 55 mph, trucks take 335 feet on average to stop. In an emergency, every second and every foot make a tremendous difference


Unlike passenger vehicles, large trucks are often laden with cargo, making accidents even scarier. When cargo becomes dislodged, there can be property damage as well as vehicle damage. Worse yet, some trucking accidents involve hazardous cargo, adding danger not just to those involved, but to the environment.

Negligent Passenger Vehicles

Research indicates that 80% of accidents are caused by automobile drivers, not truckers! Furthermore, cars are 10 tens more likely to cause head-on collisions by drifting into trucks’ lanes, NOT vice versa!

While personal injuries may include spinal cord injuries, broken limbs, burns, and scars among others, other damages may include irreversible car damage, property damage, and bystander injuries.

Our Truck Accident Attorneys Fight For Your Rights

The Law Offices of Spaulding Injury Law appreciate the hard work that truckers perform, and know that commerce, in general, would stop without truck drivers.  That is why we are committed to being the top truck accident injury lawyer in Georgia. We understand Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as well as state and local guidelines, and we use them to your advantage.

Remember, you receive no fee if we don’t win your case. Accidents are difficult enough, so with the right truck accident attorney on your side, you’ll get the attention you deserve.