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Are Streets Safer Than Highways?

In this blog, I want to discuss another motorcycle safety myth. The myth that I have for you today is that streets and roadways are safer than the highway for motorcyclists. As an Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney, I have to tell you that it’s an absolute myth. There was a study several years ago that showed that 91% of motorcycle vs. passenger vehicle accidents occurred on back roads in neighborhoods, everywhere other than the major highways in Georgia and the rest of the United States.

You are not safer on the back roads vs. the highways, and it makes sense. We know from earlier studies that the number one cause of motorcycle wrecks is a left-hand turn across the lane that the motorcyclist is in, either striking him or her on the side or just going in front of the motorcycle, T-boning the vehicle. Those happen on our back roads here in Georgia, not on the highway.

Why Are Highways Actually Safer?

It’s safer on the highway because the speeds are typically pretty steady. There’s flow of traffic – there’s not a lot of stop signs, red lights, those sorts of things that can cause dangers. Intersections are obviously very dangerous for motorcyclists, and the lanes are wider, giving the motorcyclist more options on where to ride in the lane. And finally, you don’t have head-on traffic coming close to you in the other lane, like you do on the back roads.

Once you think about it, it makes a ton of sense why the streets are not safer. It’s actually much more dangerous to be on the back roads and county roads here in Georgia than it is on the highway.

You probably already knew this, but it’s a good notion to keep in the back of your head when you’re out there, because obviously some of the most fun places to ride are our back roads here in Georgia, going up the mountains and more.

Protecting Yourself When Riding On The Streets Or Highways

When riding on the streets, there’s a high percentage chance that you could be in a wreck caused by a passenger vehicle. You’ve got to be aware and as we say, “head on a swivel.” Have fun and enjoy the ride, but you’ve got to be aware at all times of these passenger vehicles. They won’t see you, they don’t care, and they’re not paying attention.

So, stay safe out there, guys! Let me know if you know if there are any other myths that I haven’t talked about before because they’re good ways to remind us of some safety issues that can help the entire group.

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