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If you’ve been in motorcycle accident in Atlanta, there’s no better law firm to help you than Spaulding Injury Law.

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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured in a crash, then you need a motorcycle accident lawyer with the experience, skill, resources, and proven results to fight for you and to protect you. Spaulding Injury Law specializes in accident and injury cases.

We have recovered very large verdicts and settlements in Georgia for our clients who have been injured in crashes by someone else’s negligence. This record of success and experience with motorcycle cases means our lawyers can settle cases often much faster and for significantly more money for the people we help than other lawyers and law firms. This is all done with a commitment to caring and communication and a reputation for the highest integrity within the legal profession.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Near You

We strive to be the best motorcycle accident lawyers in Atlanta. That means treating every person we help with dignity, respect, compassion, and caring. It means working hard and getting the best possible results for our clients.

Being conveniently located near you is part of our struggle to be your best option. We are intimately familiar with the state regulations, have worked with local police departments requesting documents, and know the local court rules and procedures.

Visit our office in Atlanta near your location or contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help.


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    When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

    As a general rule, if at any time you do not feel comfortable handling your claim on your own, for any reason, you should consult with and hire a lawyer. Beyond that, there are no hard and fast rules. We have come up with a few of our own that we advise potential clients on to help them make a decision whether to hire us or not. Below are a few of those. If you were not injured in the accident and therefore only have a property damage claim, you likely do not need to hire a lawyer. This is because insurance companies typically do not play games with the value of the property damage.

    If you were injured in the accident then it is more likely that you will want to hire an auto accident lawyer. As your claim increases in value, so does the chances that the insurance company is going to dig in and fight to minimize your claim as much as possible. So if you have bills over $10,000.00 or found out you have a major injury like a herniated disc or broken bone, it is probably time to hire a lawyer.

    It’s beneficial to hire a lawyer that’s familiar with your local court systems. Knowing how the courts work, whether it’s directly in Atlanta or in Fulton County is always a benefit that is typically exclusive to lawyers.

    Let Us Provide You With The Aggressive Representation You Need

    Our personal injury attorneys have over 25 years of experience helping clients in the Atlanta area recover damages after tragic accidents. We offer assistance with many different practice areas, including traffic collisions, product liability, and wrongful death. We are committed to fighting tirelessly to help our clients recover the maximum amount of compensation.

    Schedule a free consultation with the team at Spaulding Injury Law today by calling 770-874-9746 or filling out the contact form on our website. You will not have to pay any attorneys’ fees until we have been able to recover compensation on your behalf. We also have a Facebook group where we share safety tips and other helpful information for motorcyclists. To join the Official Georgia Bikers Unite Facebook Group, click here.

    Charities We Support

    At Spaulding Injury Law, we are proud to be an active member of the communities we serve. We do this by sponsoring local organizations and events, volunteering with local charities, and participating in civic groups.

    • The Down Biker Fund, Inc.
    • Sidecar Adventures
    • ABATE of Georgia, Inc.
    • Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry
    • United Football Academy
    • Various school sports teams
    • East Atlanta Kids Club
    • The Miracle League
    • Wishes For Me

    Facts About Motorcycle Accidents in Georgia

    • 480k

      480k Motorcycle
      Licences in Georgia

    • 50%

      50% off all motorcycle accidents are due to a violation of the motorcyclists right of way

    • 10%

      10% of all motor vehicle fatalities in Georgia were Motorcyclists

    • $210M

      $210M – the total cost
      of these deaths

    Real Results
    $1.5 Million

    Medical Device Dispute

    $1.5 Million

    Head-on Collision Case

    $1.4 Million

    Fork-Lift Accident Case

    $1.1 Million

    Motorcycle Accident Case

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    What our clients say about us

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    “I filled out the online request form and received a call within a few minutes. The person that called me was Mr. Spaulding, not a third party representative. We spoke for several minutes and he advised me over the phone without the guarantee I would choose him as my Lawyer. I will recommend them to anyone and everyone I come in contact with needing their services.”

    - Cory Phillips

    All the good reviews about Ted and this law firm are TRUE!!! I was involved in a car accident and he helped me every step of the way. He was concise and thoroughly explained my options. Even the paralegal was super helpful and checked on me regularly. I am really grateful for their help. I was able to get fully compensated and get the proper rehabilitation to get me back in previous condition. Everyone was so kind and I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend him to anyone. I recommend him already to my family and friends so hope this is helpful to others!

    - Victoria Akobundu

    I was a bit worried about Ted having too many positive reviews, but the positive reviews proved to be entirely accurate. He spoke to me on the phone when I called about my mother’s horrific car accident which was the other driver’s fault – the fault has already been admitted by the other party’s insurance company. He was honest about whether we needed a lawyer or not – we do, I knew that. He was knowledgeable on the phone and gave me sound advice even before my mother hired him. He got to work on my mother’s behalf right away. My mother did not like driving even before the accident, and now she is even more reluctant to drive. Ted kindly came to her house and spoke to her at length about the process and reassured her that her sole concern at this moment is to get well. He is working on our behalf with all of the bureaucracy we are facing. These things can take a long time, so we will not have a resolution for a while. But my mother and i are very pleased we hired Ted to represent her interests. Everything he has told us seems to me to be very sound legal advice. Additionally, he has been sincere and caring in all of our interactions.

    - Elizabeth Housworth

    “Ted Spaulding has represented us in several different situations, and we have won the case each time. As a litigator, he is excellent. He is competent and trustworthy, and we hold him in very high esteem.”

    - Sandi Sutton, Atlanta, GA
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    Protecting Our Community of Atlanta Motorcycle Riders


    Protecting Motorcycle Riders in Atlanta Is Our Priority

    Riding your motorcycle around the city on a beautiful day is one of the most enjoyable and visceral experiences you can have. Unfortunately however, with that freedom and enjoyment comes a high degree of vulnerability to reckless drivers.

    The danger to the motorcycle riding community is on the rise throughout Georgia as well, as evidenced by the steady increase in fatalities across the state since 2017 when we had 139 motorcycle fatalities to 2020 when there were 179. This 29% increase in motorcycle fatalities over 4 years is alarming and shows that more steps need to be taken to protect riders in Atlanta and throughout the state.

    This increase in deadly accidents is alarming to say the very least and shows that there is much work to be done in the area of motorcycle safety awareness for all drivers. It also shows a deep need for the Georgia riding community to have strong legal advocates fighting on their behalf.

    Spaulding Injury Lawyers is experienced and has a strong reputation with both riders and the insurance companies as a fierce advocate who will fight tooth and nail to get justice for accident victims.

    At Spaulding Injury Lawyers, we are champions for the safety of Atlanta’s motorcycle community. We have earned the reputation as a firm that will aggressively pursue legal action on behalf of riders who suffer serious injuries. That reputation helps our clients achieve the most compensation possible when they are victims in a motorcycle accident.

    If you or your loved ones have been injured while riding a motorcycle in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia contact Spaulding Injury Lawyers at your convenience for a free consultation where we will gather the facts surrounding your accident and help give you an honest assessment of how strong of a case you have.

    The Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

    Your Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney should take the stress of the legal process off your shoulders so that you can focus on physically recovering from your injuries. The insurance process can be more challenging than you might think, and this is the last thing you need in the wake of your accident and injuries.

    A good Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney can help you immediately following the injury to begin the claim process and to ensure that the insurance company pays you what you deserve.

    Why Hiring An Experienced Motorcycle Attorney Matters

    If you or someone you love is a motorcycle rider who is injured in an accident, it’s important to get legal help from a law firm who’s experienced in the type of accident you had.

    This is important for a number of reasons. First, there are nuances and details that are common in motorcycle accidents and it’s important that your lawyer understands those details in a manner where they can maximize the value of your case.

    Hiring a law firm like Spaulding Injury Lawyers, who has represented numerous motorcycle accident victims, helps ensure those details are not overlooked and that every possible stone is unturned with regards to gathering the facts around your accident.

    This detailed and comprehensive approach that our lawyers take with motorcycle accidents gives you and your family a much stronger chance of a successful outcome versus a firm who is inexperienced in motorcycle accidents.

    A second reason why hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney matters so much is that your lawyer’s reputation matters immensely when you’re preparing to go to trial. You can be certain as you take legal action, that the lawyers on the other side are doing their research on your lawyer and asking questions like; How experienced is this law firm in cases like this? Do they have a track record of success in motorcycle accident cases? Most importantly; Are they trial lawyers or are they looking to settle quickly (and possibly cheaply)?

    The answers to these questions about the law firm and attorneys you hire will have a massive impact on the success of your case. In short, if the opposition sees you have hired a top motorcycle accident law firm like Spaulding Injury Lawyers, it helps your case immensely.

    How a Motorcycle Lawyer Can Help?

    • Investigate the cause of your accident
    • Identify all liable parties (there might be more than one)
    • Gather evidence needed to support your claim
    • File claims with all necessary insurance companies
    • Handle all insurance negotiations and communications
    • Advise you when a personal injury lawsuit might be needed for fair compensation

    As an injury victim, it can be difficult to know where to turn or who is on your side. Your Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney from Spaulding Injury Law can advise you on what the best options are in your case and help you through every step of the process.


    Frequently Asked Motorcycle Accident Questions

    The following are some common questions that victims involved in a motorcycle accident have.
    For answers to your specific questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our legal team directly. 

    Who Should Cover The Costs Of My Motorcycle Accident?

    You are eligible to have someone else cover your medical bills and other losses if you can show that their negligence led to your motorcycle crash. There are many forms of negligence that can lead to motorcycle accidents, such as:

    If another driver’s conduct caused the motorcycle crash, that driver should be responsible for any harm you suffered. In some cases, other parties might be liable as well, such as the employer of a driver on the job. The best way to know who should cover your losses is to have a motorcycle accident attorney review your case. 

    How Do I Get The Compensation I Deserve For My Motorcycle Injuries?

    Even if someone else caused your accident, you cannot expect a check to simply arrive in the mail. Instead, you must take action to seek the compensation you deserve, which generally involves filing insurance claims against the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. You should demand the full value of your past and future losses from the insurer, which is a complicated calculation. Never risk asking for less than you need – have a trusted attorney make this calculation for you. 

    The insurance company will likely make a settlement offer, which will likely be far too low. This is a jumping-off point for negotiations, and you should never accept an insurance offer without the help of an injury lawyer. If your attorney cannot negotiate a fair settlement, you might need to take the case to civil court by filing a personal injury lawsuit. A skilled attorney will identify when this is the right move in your case. 

    The Insurance Company Said I Don’t Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer. Should I believe them?

    Many insurance companies will advise claimants that legal representation is unnecessary. This is a tactic they use to minimize payments. Insurance adjusters know that they can often get unrepresented claimants to accept far less than those with attorneys. This is why you should not believe them when they say there is no need to call a lawyer. You always want a motorcycle accident attorney advocating for your rights to the insurance company. 

    There is no need to worry about cost, as our attorneys only get paid if you do. There is nothing to lose by discussing your situation with our Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys today. 

    What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Our Law Firm Handles?

    Some of the most common injuries that motorcyclists sustain in a collision are road rashbiker’s armtraumatic brain injuriesspinal cord damagecrushed limbs, and fractured bones. Some of these injuries will continue to affect the victim’s life for months or years following the accident.

    It’s possible that the victim may not ever recover from some of these injuries. Because of this, it’s important that you seek legal representation after a motorcycle accident to determine if you can recover compensation by filing a personal injury claim.