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Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Atlanta

Last Updated on January 7, 2021 by Theodore Spaulding

If you have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, it’s recommended that you speak to an attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident claims. Contact Spaulding Injury Law to schedule a free case evaluation with a member of our team. You can reach our law office by calling 770-744-0890 or filling out the contact form on our website.

It’s not uncommon to have questions after an accident. It can be a confusing and stressful time. Let us help you ease some of the stress with answers to some common questions we receive.

What Are The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Our Law Firm Handles?

The most common injuries that motorcyclists sustain in a collision are road rash, biker’s arm, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, crushed limbs, and fractured bones. Some of these injuries will continue to affect the victim’s life for months or years following the accident. It’s possible that the victim may not ever recover from some of these injuries. Because of this, it’s important that you seek legal representation to determine if you should file a personal injury claim.


How Can I Help Ensure There Are No Issues With My Case?

The best ways to ensure your case stays on track include;

  • Seeking medical treatment after the accident.
  • Take as many pictures as you can of your injuries and damages.
  • Talk to any witnesses at the scene that can corroborate what happened.
  • Keep track of any and all expenses.
  • Avoid posting anything to social media relating to your accident or the lawsuit.

When you meet with our attorneys be sure to provide them with any evidence you may already have documented and let him know exactly what happened in the accident.

We will immediately begin to investigate the cause of the accident to determine liability. Then, we will handle negotiations with the insurance company to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

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I have the Georgia Down Biker Fund, Inc and have been recommending Ted Spaulding to our injured motorcyclists for some time now. I have witnessed his compassion, knowledge and expedience in handling very sensitive issues, including death and grieving families. He can talk to some of the gruffest, profanity laced, riders that I have referred to him and they like him. No problem.

- Kathy Green-Vogeley

We needed a motorcycle injury attorney and decided to go with Spaulding Injury Law. We are in the beginning stages but are happy with our choice.

- Stephen Sumrow

“Trust is the key. I can say without reservation, Ted Spaulding is honest and will work hard in your best interest.”

- Montana Holmes
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How Can an Attorney Help Me?

A knowledgeable attorney can assist you in a number of ways after a serious accident caused by another driver.

Investigate Contributing Factors to the Accident

We will take the time to investigate all the potential factors that contributed to the accident.

Help Calculate Future Medical Costs

Our lawyers can help you assess all accident-related expenses, including future medical costs.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Knowing how to negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair and just settlement amount.

It’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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When Should I Hire a Lawyer?

As a general rule, if at any time you do not feel comfortable handling your claim on your own, for any reason, you should consult with and hire a lawyer. Beyond that, there are no hard and fast rules. We have come up with a few of our own that we advise potential clients on to help them make a decision whether to hire us or not. Below are a few of those. If you were not injured in the accident and therefore only have a property damage claim, you likely do not need to hire a lawyer. This is because insurance companies typically do not play games with the value of the property damage.

If you were injured in the accident then it is more likely that you will want to hire an auto accident lawyer. As your claim increases in value, so does the chances that the insurance company is going to dig in and fight to minimize your claim as much as possible. So if you have bills over $10,000.00 or found out you have a major injury like a herniated disc or broken bone, it is probably time to hire a lawyer.

It’s beneficial to hire a lawyer that’s familiar with your local court systems. Knowing how the courts work, whether it’s directly in Atlanta or in Fulton County is always a benefit that is typically exclusive to lawyers.

Let Us Provide You With The Aggressive Representation You Need

Our personal injury attorneys have over 25 years of experience helping clients in the Atlanta area recover damages after tragic accidents.

We offer assistance with many different practice areas, including traffic collisions, product liability, and wrongful death. We are committed to fighting tirelessly to help our clients recover the maximum amount of compensation.

Schedule a free consultation with the team at Spaulding Injury Law today by calling 770-744-0890 or filling out the contact form on our website. You will not have to pay any attorneys’ fees until we have been able to recover compensation on your behalf.

We also have a Facebook group where we share safety tips and other helpful information for motorcyclists. To join the Official Georgia Bikers Unite Facebook Group, click here.

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