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The Ultimate Bikers' Guide to Motorcycle Helmets: How to Choose the Best One for You

Last Updated on March 30, 2021 by Theodore Spaulding

Motorcycle Helmets Guide

As a biker, you want to stay as safe as possible on the road. Getting the right helmet and taking care of it properly could mean the difference between life and death. Spaulding Injury Law – Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers is committed to helping motorcyclists protect themselves while enjoying the freedom of riding on the open road.

How to Choose the Safest Motorcycle Helmet

How to Size and Fit a Motorcycle Helmet

Using a soft measuring tape, measure around the circumference of your head. Go across the forehead just above the eyebrows, above the ears, and around the back of your head. Then match up this measurement to a helmet size chart.

How to Inspect Your Motorcycle Helmet

Of course, you’ll want to inspect any helmet before you buy it. Remember to also regularly inspect your helmet for signs of damage, and replace it when necessary.

  1. Check the date printed on a label applied to the EPS liner in your helmet. Make sure it’s no more than five years old.
  2. Remove the comfort liner and check its condition.
  3. Check the EPS (expanded polystyrene) for damage.
  4. Inspect the shell for cracks, deep scratches, or other signs of trauma.
  5. Check the visor for cracks or scratches that may obstruct your vision.

How to Clean Your Motorcycle Helmet

Just like you need to maintain your motorcycle itself, you need to maintain your helmet. Your helmet’s owners’ manual should have instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance. Have microfiber towels and a toothbrush handy for those hard-to-reach spots.

  1. Use a mild product such as baby shampoo to clean the interior. Let the lining and cheek pads dry at least overnight.
  2. Drape a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water over the exterior to help loosen up caked on dirt.
  3. Check for material-compatible cleaning products when cleaning the visor.

Motorcycle Helmet Accessories You Might Like

You can get cool custom motorcycle helmets that suit your style and taste. Accessories and add-ons include:

  1. Motorcycle Speakers
  2. Motorcycle Helmet Lights
  3. Motorcycle Helmet Bags
  4. Custom Graphic Designs
  5. Multi-Color Visors
  6. Fur

Best Places to Buy Motorcycle Helmets

  1. Check out your local trusted helmet specialist. Going to a local brick-and-mortar store gives you the opportunity to ask questions and try a few different helmets on for size.
  2. Don’t be shy about shopping with popular online specialists. Just make sure you read the reviews first.
  3. Read more motorcycle helmet buying tips


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