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Cameras: They Should Be A Standard Safety Feature?

It’s common for motorcycle riders to be blamed by the other party in a wreck. This happens even when the other driver was clearly at fault. The at-fault party will scream to the cops that the motorcyclist was speeding or wasn’t using their lights. They aren’t telling the truth.

This is seen all of the time with personal injury law firms. It’s so common that cameras should be standard safety equipment with all motorcycles. Cameras mounted on the front, back, and sides of a bike could provide automatic proof in an accident that the motorcyclist isn’t at fault.

Many times these wrecks happen in broad daylight. The other driver wasn’t paying attention or looking out for other motorists. The other party wasn’t following Georgia law.

If cameras were supplied as standard safety equipment, then they could instantly provide proof that the injured motorcyclist isn’t to blame for the accident.

Some helmets are starting to come with cameras or GoPros. This is great but doesn’t always capture every angle of the accident. Check into these helmets to see if you can find a quality, comfortable helmet to suit your needs.

If you use a camera now on your helmet or bike, then comment or email your suggestions. Share your tips on using cameras and share your thoughts on making cameras a standard safety equipment feature.