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Can A Georgia Insurance Company Void Coverage If Not Wearing A Helmet?

Wearing a helmet is the #1 safety rule when operating any motorcycle in the United States.

If you refuse to wear a helmet, you could risk having a substantial injury that could even lead to death.

Nonetheless, many bikers forgo the option of wearing helmets in Georgia, sometimes even knowing the risks.

However, if you are involved in an on-road collision and did not wear a helmet, can your insurance company void your policy?

In this video, you will learn the answer to this question, and by the end, you will learn about a shocking stipulation that insurance companies abide by in the event that an individual under coverage lacks a helmet during an on-road collision.

If you are a biker questioning the use of a helmet, or if you are committed to driving responsibly, please watch this video to learn more about this unique situation.