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Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident

If you were involved in a truck collision and injured, you might be entitled to compensation. To ensure you have a successful claim there are steps to take that can help but also things to avoid. It’s crucial that you understand the mistakes to avoid after being in a truck accident. An error in judgment after a truck wreck could hurt your lawsuit. It’s best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.

Refuse Medical Care

Refusing medical treatment following a truck accident is a serious mistake. If you file a lawsuit, the defendant could try to argue that your injuries were from a pre-existing condition instead of from the accident. Symptoms of serious internal injuries might not present themselves until later, but you want your medical records to have accurate documentation of the accident. Everyday routines can sometimes get in the way of getting medical treatment. People may not want to take off work or they may have family commitments. However, it is critical for individuals to understand how important it is to seek medical treatment. Medical records are one of the things a personal injury lawyer is going to ask to see.

Admitting Fault For The Accident

You should notify the police about an accident, but you should not give them any information that could lead an insurance company or a court to determine that the accident was your fault. People get caught up in their emotions after a wreck and may want to apologize for having any part in the accident. Apologizing can often be used against you as a way of admitting guilt.

Speaking to The Other Insurance Company

A victim of a wreck should never give a recorded statement to the insurance company before consulting with an attorney. Insurance companies do not want to pay out claims and will try to push liability on the claimant. Insurance companies will go to great lengths to contact a person and try to convince them to accept an offer. Do not make the mistake of talking to any insurance companies before discussing your legal options with a lawyer.

Accepting an Offer

Shortly after an accident, you might receive a settlement offer or even a settlement check from the insurance company. If the letter says for you to sign and return it, don’t do anything until you have a personal injury lawyer that is experienced with truck accidents review it. If you sign the letter, it means that you accept the settlement and will not file a lawsuit relating to the accident. Unfortunately, people make the mistake of cashing it right away. If you cash the check, it will be considered the end of the case. The check from the insurance company will not be enough to cover all expenses. Therefore, it is crucial to let a lawyer review the check and settlement offer.

Not Contacting a Lawyer

Failing to reach out to a lawyer after a truck accident is the easiest mistake to avoid. A lawyer that has experience with motor vehicle accidents can guide a person through the legal process to help them recover the damages they deserve.

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